Varsity Boys Rugby fee paid to Snow Canyon will be $150. Please pay this fee through the button below.

All Varsity Boy's will need to complete the online registration process. Items required Prior to registering your player, please prepare the following:


1. A Photo of the player's head, such as a Passport style photo, this will be used for the rosters.(JPG, PNG, or GIF formatting only - any other format the computer program cannot open or attach them. )


2. A PHOTO ID: School ID card, Drivers License, Passport, Season Fun Pass, School Yearbook Page, etc. We need to show Proof of Identity. A Birth certificate is acceptable for 6th graders only. (JPG, PNG or GIF formats only.)


3. A copy of Proof of Current School Registration. This can be the latest report card/grades. There are school sites that show a photo of the student in the corner, this can be used for Current Enrollment AND Photo ID. Skyward, SIS, PowerSchool, etc. need to be attached as "Scanned Documents" or "Screen Shot"s - Do Not attach a "link" as the computer system cannot open it. (JPG, PNG or GIF formats only.)


To Begin the registration process please follow these two steps having required items ready.


1) All boys need to complete an Online Profile at


2) All boys need to complete the Registration and submit Payment at

3) All boys and parents need to complete paperwork below and Submit payment to Snow Canyon Rugby